Book a Mono Internet Centre (MIC)

Mono Internet Centres (MICs)

Mono Internet Centres are located at Mono Town Hall (347209 Mono Centre Road) and at the Dufferin Biz Hub (246372 Hockley Road, Mono near the Orangeville Fairgrounds). The two internet centres provide residents & ratepayers of Mono with a location where where they can access high speed internet. You can use the resources for

  • Uploading/downloading large files
  • Video conferencing
  • Webinars
  • Listening to lectures
  • Attending virtual classes

The rooms are equipped with a desk and a chair. Internet will only be provided through a wireless connection (no ethernet) and any users of the WiFi will need to agree to an Acceptable Use policy. All users must provide their own devices (computer, mouse, keyboard, etc.).

If a time and date are not showing, then the room has been booked, closed, or is otherwise unavailable.

Contact Information and Message

When filling out your contact information, you must provide a phone number or email address in addition to your name in case we need to contact you for any reason. The information may be used for COVID-19 contact tracing.

Please do not make any requests in the message section. You can use this section to provide us with any feedback about the booking process (availability of room, selection of times, etc.)

NEW — Book the MIC at the Dufferin Biz Hub (Hockley Road)

The Dufferin Biz Hub is located at 246372 Hockley Road, Mono near the Orangeville Fairgrounds.

Schedule Appointment

Book the Mono Internet Centre at Town Hall

desk at the Mono Internet Centre
Desk at the Mono Internet Centre

The Mono Internet Centre at Town Hall is on the upper floor, just outside of the administration offices. On the day of your appointment, you must check in before you come in and complete our online self-assessment form by going to The form verifies you have no symptoms of COVID-19 and helps us perform contact tracing.

* We have a new policy in place for booking the MIC at Town Hall

The policy aims to promote the fair use of the Town Hall's MIC and balance users needs with providing equal access to its resources. Significant changes include the following:

  • You may book the MIC for a maximum of 2 hours per day. If, however, no one has booked the MIC at the time your session is over, you may book the Town Hall's MIC for up to one additional hour.
  • The MIC at Town Hall is cleaned once a week. It is recommended that you sanitize/disinfect the MIC at the beginning of your reservation, using the supplies provided. Only use cleaners provided by the Town to prevent the mixture of chemicals.
  • Only book the time you require. Overbookings or attempts to prevent other users from booking a MIC will be perceived as misuse or circumvention of the policy.

  • Review the MIC Fair Use Policy
    • By scheduling a MIC, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the MIC Fair Use Policy and that you will not create a booking in excess of 2 of hours in a day.

Need More Time or a Regular Space?

The Dufferin Biz Hub has workspaces that are available to be booked. It is a paid option with options to select including meeting rooms, co-working desks, and private offices. You can work there as an individual or have another coworker from the same organization in a large private office. You will also gain access to high-speed internet, resources, and supports to entrepreneurs and non-profits in the area.

Have a look at the type of spaces available or view all their plans, including dedicated work spaces charged monthly:

Appointments & Plans at the Dufferin Biz Hub

Check Your Waste Collection Schedule


Declaration of Commitment

Council Resolution: We will allocate the necessary resources to develop and implement a strategic energy management plan that will reduce our energy consumption and its related environmental impact.


We exercise stewardship in our use of finite energy resources to demonstrate leadership, optimize our delivery of services, and enhance the overall quality of life in our community.


We will incorporate energy efficiency into all areas of our activity including our organizational and human resources management procedures, procurement practices, financial management and investment decisions, and facility operations and maintenance.


To continuously improve the energy efficiency of our facilities and processes in order to reduce our operating costs, our energy consumption and the concomitant greenhouse gas emissions.

Overall Target

We will reduce our consumption of fuels and electricity in all municipal operations each year between now and 2020.


  1. To implement energy audits on all municipal facilities during the next five years;
  2. To convert all lighting in town facilities, parking lots and street lighting to LED.

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Our Municipal Energy Needs

We need reliable, low-cost, sustainable energy sources delivering energy to the most efficient facilities and energy-consuming technology feasible.

Stakeholder Needs

Internal stakeholders (Council, CAO, staff) need to be able to clearly communicate the corporate commitment to energy efficiency, and to develop the skills and knowledge required to implement energy management practices and measures. External stakeholders (the Province, community citizens and groups) need the municipality to be accountable for energy performance and to minimize the energy component of the costs of municipal services.

Municipal Energy Situation

Our assessment of organizational capacity for energy management with respect to energy policy; organizational structure; employee awareness, skills and knowledge; energy information management; communications; and investment practices indicates the following: The Town of Mono has pursued many measures to improve the energy efficiency of municipal equipment. Some of these measures include: Interior and exterior lighting upgrades at the town offices and Monora Park Pavilion Proposal to Council for conversion to LED street lighting Approved FIT project for solar photovoltaic applications at Town facilities. As the understanding of corporate energy consumption improves, staff will be equipped with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions. This improved understanding will also reveal how simple actions like commissioning and maintenance procedures can improve existing equipment efficiency.

How We Manage Energy Today

The management of energy consumption and the energy performance of our facilities and equipment are the responsibilities of: Finance (cost management), Works Department (maintenance), Department managers (operations), the CAO for leadership.

Summary of Current Energy Consumption, Cost and GHGs

Summaries of energy consumption and greenhouse gas may be found in appendices to this plan.

Trends in Energy Consumption

Our energy consumption decreased due to efficiency created by upgrading our buildings with spray foam insulation, high efficiency furnaces and LED lighting retrofits. This trend will continue with additional upgrades and retrofits.

Summary of Current Technical Practices

Our assessment of operations and maintenance practices, facility and equipment condition, and energy performance indicators establishes the following priorities:

  1. Development of standard operating procedures incorporating energy efficiency optimization,
  2. Enhancement of preventative maintenance procedures,
  3. Continuation of our retrofit of lighting system in Mono Centre Community Centre in 2015
  4. Implementation of the LED Street lighting conversion in 2014.

Renewable Energy Utilized or Planned

The Town of Mono aspires to show leadership in the promotion and development of renewable energy systems that are compatible with our asset management and land use planning objectives. As a result, we have applied for and received approval to develop a solar photovoltaic system on the rooftop of the municipal garage/shop building, subject to capacity of the adjoining street hydro system to take the resultant additional current. The town will consider possibilities for additional roof top installations on municipal buildings.

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Links with other municipal plans

As an integral component of the management structure, the energy management plan is coordinated with the municipality's budget planning process, preventative maintenance plans, environmental management plan, and the overall asset management plan.

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Staffing requirements and duties

We will incorporate energy efficiency into standard operating procedures and the knowledge requirements for operational jobs.

Consideration of energy efficiency for all projects

We will incorporate life cycle cost analysis into the design procedures for all capital projects.

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Energy Leader

We will clearly designate leadership and overall responsibility for corporate energy management.

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Consideration of energy efficiency for all projects

We will incorporate life cycle cost analysis into the design procedures for all capital projects.

Consideration of energy efficiency of acquired equipment

Our purchasing procedures will be modified as required to incorporate energy efficiency into the criteria for selection of materials and equipment.

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Building Standards

We will develop criteria for the design and/or acquisition of new buildings that include energy performance factors and that use as appropriate the principles embedded in performance standards such as LEED and the Model National Energy Code for Buildings.

Business Procedures

We will carry out a comprehensive review of all business processes and modify them as necessary in order to incorporate energy efficiency considerations.

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Municipal Level

We will carry out the required development of business procedures and communication programs and implement them methodically according to the planned timelines within the resources constraints that apply.

Asset Level

We use department and facility energy team representatives to facilitate the implementation of facility level business procedures and communication initiatives, including energy performance reporting.

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Energy Plan Review

We will review and evaluate our energy plan, revising and updating it as necessary, on an annual basis within our corporate planning process.

Discussion of Progress

We will correlate our progress towards corporate goals and objectives and update those goals and objectives accordingly.

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Energy Consumption

Overall Target: We will reduce our overall municipal energy consumption (from all facilities and streetlights) by 5% from 2014 (based on baseline data) to 2019. The baseline was determined by averaging the annual consumption in ekWh for 2011 and 2012 for all facilities reported under Regulation 397/11 plus streetlights as they are such a significant energy consumer.

Green House Gas Emission

Governments at all levels are moving to address emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs), in light of scientific evidence on how human activities are affecting the world's climate. For more information on the science, see the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The combustion of fossil fuels in buildings is a major source of GHG emissions that fall under local government influence. Municipalities can lower emissions by improving energy efficiency of buildings and using more renewable energy. The Town of Mono is committed to both objectives through the development and implementation of this Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan (CDM). We will continue to track and report on GHGs as part of our regular reporting on energy consumption and will evaluate progress in this area against our overall reduction target.


Summary of Current Energy Consumption, Cost and GHGs: The current energy usage by building is detailed in Appendix A. Our energy usage is updated monthly in the Energy Planning Tool (EPT) and reported annually to the Ministry of Energy.

Energy Consumption: We will review and evaluate our energy plan, revising and updating it as necessary, on an annual basis as based on the Energy Consumption Reports that are submitted to the Ministry of Energy on an annual basis as required under Regulation 397/11.

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Appendix A – Projects








Save (ekWh/yr)

Save ($)


LED Office Lighting


Municipal Office Building

Mike Dunmore, Director of Public Works



Complete [100%]







LED lighting for the Municipal Office Building.

LED Streetlight

Town of Mono Streetlights

Mike Dunmore, Director of Public Works



Complete [100%]






Retrofit streetlights from HID to LED technology


LED Lighting Upgrade

Monora Park Pavillion

Kim Perryman, Director of Recreation 



Complete [100%]






Convert lighting fixtures to LED.


LED Lighting Upgrade

Mono Community Centre

Kim Perryman, Director of Recreation



Complete [100%]






Convert lighting fixtures to LED.


LED Lighting Upgrade

Public Works Shop Mike Dunmore, Director of Public Works 2013-08-05 2014-07-31 Complete [100%] 27500 27736 8000 3



LED lighting upgrade for the Public Works Shop. 

Reinsulate office roof with spray foam


Municipal Office Building

Mike Dunmore, Director of Public Works



Complete [100%]







Reinsulate the Municipal Office Building with spray foam.

Retrofit parking lot lighting to LED.

Monora Park Pavillion

Kim Perryman, Director of Recreation



Pending [25%]






Retrofit parking lot lighting to LED


Retrofit parking lot lighting to LED

Mono Community Centre

Kim Perryman, Director of Recreation



Pending [0%]






Retrofit parking lot lighting to LED


Install Solar Photo-voltaic Panels

Public Works Shop

Mike Dunmore, Director of Public Works



Complete [100%]







Install a 100 kw solar photo-voltaic panel system on the shop roof.

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Water Rates
  2016 2017 2018
  $5.00 flat rate per month
1-350 $2.03 $2.07 $2.11
351-500 $2.38 $2.43 $2.48
501-650 $2.58 $2.63 $2.68
651-800 $2.74 $2.79 $2.85
801-1,000 $2.91 $2.97 $3.03
1,001 & up $3.07 $3.13 $3.19

Appendix B - Energy Consumption and GHG Emissions | 2017

View 2017 Energy Consumption and GHG Emissions as an Image
Facility Name Address Total Area (m2) Average Hours/Day Fuel Types Consumption Cost ($) Energy (ekWh/yr) GHG Emissions (kg CO2e/yr) GHG Intensity (kg CO2e/m2) Energy Intensity
Facility Primary Type: Office
Municipal Office Building 347209 Mono Centre Rd 1154 5.72 Propane 20453.00 L 11061.72 143795.94 31517.75 27.31 124.61 (ekWh/m2)
Elect. 72695.00 kWh 15281.33 72695 1257.48 1.09 62.99 (ekWh/m2)
Facility Type Total 26343.05 216490.94 32775.22
Facility Primary Type: Community Centre
Monora Park Pavillion 500 Monora Park Dr 892 7.14 NG 6403.00 m3 2912.33 68049.66 12105.68 13.57 76.29 (ekWh/m2)
Elect. 46893.00 kWh 9910.46 46893 811.16 0.91 52.57 (ekWh/m2)
Mono Community Centre 754483 Mono Centre Rd 1028 7.14 Propane 6907.00 L 3634.05 48560.04 10643.58 10.35 47.24 (ekWh/m2)
Elect. 64680.00 kWh 13864.98 64680 1118.83 1.09 62.92 (ekWh/m2)
Facility Type Total 30321.82 228182.7 24679.25
Facility Primary Type: Public Works
Public Works Shop 347209 Mono Centre Rd 1354 5.72 Propane 29941.00 L 16210.37 210501.85 46138.6 34.08 155.47 (ekWh/m2)
Elect. 39821.00 kWh 8415.1 39821 688.82 0.51 29.41 (ekWh/m2)
Facility Type Total 24625.47 250322.85 46827.43
Facility Primary Type: Water Treatment Facility
Cardinal Woods Pumphouse/Reservoir 8 Hawthorne Road 226 24 NG 6032.00 m3 2437.41 64106.75 11404.26 50.46 568.07 (ekWh/ML)
Elect. 161645.00 kWh 34550.88 161645 2796.14 12.37 1432.38 (ekWh/ML)
Island Lake Water Tower-Pumphouse 3 French Dr-713178 1st Line 183 24 Elect. 186135.00 kWh 39050.26 186135 3219.76 17.59 1179.55 (ekWh/ML)
Facility Type Total 76038.55 411886.75 17420.16
Facility Primary Type: Streetlights
Town of Mono Streetlights Entire Town 353 12 Elect. 97742.00 kWh 24247.1 97742 1690.74 4.79 276.89 (ekWh/m2)
Facility Type Total 24247.1 97742 1690.74
Grand Total 181576 1204625.24 123392.8


Town Hall Mono Internet Centre


Mono Town Hall, upper floor just outside of the doors to the main office.
347209 Mono Centre Road
Mono, ON
L9W 6S3

Dufferin Biz Hub Mono Internet Centre (Hockley Road)


Dufferin Biz Hub
246372 Hockley Road
Mono, ON
L9W 6K4


Town Hall MIC

As of Monday, September 21, 2020, the Town Hall's MIC has resumed its regular hours of use that reflect the operating hours of the Town Hall (Monday to Friday, 8:45 am to 4:15 pm). Booking times have reverted from fixed time slots (e.g., 2 to 4 pm) to duration-based (e.g., 15, 30, 45 mins, etc.). There is a 2 hour maximum for MIC bookings. It will also be closed at anytime Town Hall is closed, such as during holiday closures.

Dufferin Biz Hub MIC

The Dufferin Biz Hub's MIC is open Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 4:50 pm. Booking time slots are 1 hour and 50 minutes (10 minutes less than the MIC at Town Hall to allow the space to be sanitized).

Do You Need More Time? A Consistent Workspace? 

The Dufferin Biz Hub has a variety of flexible options to give you the space when you need it and to suit the nature of your business.

View the Appointments & Plans at the Dufferin Biz Hub

Guidelines for Use

Please be respectful of those who will use the room after you. This includes concluding your booking at the appropriate time and leaving the room in a clean state. Please report any damages, garbage, spills, etc. prior to using the room.

Please only book what you need and what you intend to use. Overbookings or any other attempts to prevent others using the room will be considered abuse of the system. Be considerate and remember the intention of the room is for use by all Mono residents who need it. Be mindful that others need to be able to access the room and the resources available to them.


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Business Directory

Are you using the Mono Internet Centre to access resources for your business? You may want to add your business to the Town of Mono business directory. The directory showcases businesses in Mono that are unique as the surrounding landscape the businesses call home.

Green Line

Internet Acceptable Use Policy & Wireless Security Disclaimer

The Town of Mono provides free wireless Internet access via an unsecured wireless network. It is recommended that you do not use our network to transmit personal, financial, or legal data. The Town is not responsible for theft or interception of data transmitted over our wireless network.

The Town assumes no responsibility for the safety of your equipment or harm done to device configurations, security, or files resulting from connection to the Town's wireless service. Virus and security protection are your responsibility. Town staff will not provide technical assistance and does not guarantee that you will be able to make a wireless connection. In the event of network congestion, the Town may limit access to the wireless network to ensure that corporate business is not adversely affected.

All users of the Town of Mono wireless network must abide by the following Acceptable Use Policy. The Town of Mono network shall not be used:

  • To access offensive material
  • To engage in activities that are risky to the user or Town IT systems
  • To expose the Town to embarrassment, violation of human rights codes or laws, possible litigation by offended employees, clients or government agencies
  • To conduct or encourage an illegal activity

Offensive material includes content that is:

  • Obscene, pornographic, or otherwise sexual in nature
  • Content that promotes, fosters or perpetuates discrimination based on race, creed, colour, age, religion, gender, marital status, status regarding public assistance, national origin, physical or mental disability, or sexual orientation
  • Threatening
  • Containing offensive language or content
  • Otherwise malicious in intent

Director of Planning

David Trotman
519.941.3599, 230

Mark Early

Chief Administrative Officer
519.941.3599, 226

Police Services Board
Provincial Appointee Wayne Evans
Council Representative John Creelman, Deputy Mayor
Secretary Cheyanne Hancock
Citizen Representative Mike Walker (Chair)

Mono Community Policing Committee

The Mono Community Policing Committee is run by volunteers who live and/or work in the Town of Mono and meets bimonthly to allow for feedback from committee members, individual residents, and the OPP Community Policing Officer. The committee also operates the Neighbourhood Watch program.

» Mono Community Policing website
» Mono Community Policing Facebook page

Fire Department Office Phone No.
Caledon Fire Department
(Mono Mills)
6000 Highway 9, Caledon
(905) 584-2272
Orangeville Fire Department
10 Dawson, Orangeville
(519) 941-3083
Rosemont District Fire Department 955716 7th Line, Rosemont (705) 435-3417
Shelburne District Fire Department 114 O'Flynn Street, Shelburne (519) 925-5111

Fire Protection Zones

» Fire Area Map (opens in new tab/window)

Use the above link to open a map where you can search by street address to determine which Fire Area you live in.

Call the Town Office at (519) 941-3599 if you are unsure which fire department serves your property.

Shelburne Fire Station

114 O'Flynn Street
Shelburne, ON L9V 2W9
» Map

Rosemont District Fire Department

955716 7 Line EHS
Mono, ON L9V 1C8
» Map

Orangeville Fire Department

10 Dawson Road
Orangeville, ON L9W 2W2
» Map

Caledon Fire Station 8

6000 Hwy 9
Caledon, ON L9W 2Z2
» Map

Fire Services icon

Fire Services

Properties in the Town of Mono are served by one of four fire departments.

»Go there now
OPP Crest

Police Services

The Town of Mono is served by the Dufferin Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police.

»Police Services
Item Fee More Info
Bingo Lottery Licence 3% of prize value » See AGCO Charitable Gaming website
Civic Marriage Ceremonies $250  
Community Centres Varies » See the Banquet Facilities for details about the town's two community centres.
» Rental Rates Information
Development Charges Residential: $12,161.00
Non-residential: $6.69 per square foot
» See Planning
Dog Tags Spayed/neutered
$20 per Dog

Not Spayed/neutered
$30 per Dog
The OSPCA is no longer administering dog licensing for Mono. You can get dog licences, renew dog licences, and purchase replacement tags online.
Fire Permit No Charge Required annually.

» See Fire Bylaw for further details
» Fire Permit Application
Garbage Tag $2  
Green Bins Replacements:
No charge
Additional bins:
$15 - curbside bin
$5 - kitchen catcher
You must return your broken bin to receive a free replacement. There is no charge to new residents for first set of bins

» See Waste Management for more info.
Lottery Licence 3% of estimated total value of prizes.
Planning Department Minor Variance Application:
$850 | $2,500 deposit
Severance (Consent) Application:
$3,000 | $5,000 Deposit
Official Plan amendment:
$5,500 | $10,000 deposit
Zoning compliance (Non-purchase/sale Zoning Request Confirmation):
Municipal Approval:
» See Planning for more info.
Public Works Department Entrance Permit (road)
$200 | $2000 deposit
Occupancy Permit (Road)
$200 | $2000 deposit
Temporary Permit (road)
$200 | $2000 deposit
Road Filming Permit
$200 | $2000 deposit
Oversized/Wide Load Permit
$200 | $2000 deposit
Re-print Tax or Water Bill $10  
Returned Cheque (NSF) $25  
Returned Pre Authorized Payment $25  
Tax Arrears 1 ¼% per month or part thereof. » See Treasury & Taxes for more info.
Tax Certificate $80  
Tax Registration Processing Service costs and legal costs, if applicable  
Water Compliance Letter $20  
Water meter final reading $20 Included in final billing

Director of Planning

David Trotman 
519.941.3599, 230

Planning Assistant

Susan Pottle
519.941.3599, ext. 224