Official Plan

This document represents the consolidated Official Plan for the Town of Mono Planning Area.  It consists of both text and schedules.

This consolidation has been prepared as of November 2018 for reference purposes only, and does not include any amendments approved subsequent thereto. If necessary, reference should be made to the Official Plan and amendments thereto in the Town of Mono Clerk’s  Department.

The Town of Mono has endeavoured to ensure accuracy of this consolidated document, however, please contact the Town Office immediately to report any concerns or inaccuracies with the document.

Due to the size of this document it is available both as a single document and in sections.

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Grading Review Fee Payment

Pay the fee for a Grading Review. A grading review may be required during the development permit process if the property is zoned Suburban Residential. This fee can be paid online or in-person at Town Hall.

Zoning Confirmation Fee Payment

Pay the fee for a Zoning Confirmation Letter. The letter can be used if the property is being sold and the buyer wants information about the land uses and zoning of the property.

Other Planning Fees

Pay a fee that is not listed on the Paying Planning Fees Online Page. Please only use this form if you have been asked to do so by the Town of Mono's Planning Department.


Please self-identify your familiarity with and understanding of the Planning Process. Completing this section will help staff deliver comments on your proposal in the most effective way.

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1. Location of Property

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2. Registered Property Owner - Mailing Address

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3. Applicant/Authorized Agent - Mailing Address (if different than Owner)

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4. Description of Existing Property

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5. Proposal

Lot Creation


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6. Policy Framework

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7. Site Servicing

How is the existing property serviced? 

How is the proposed development intended to be serviced?

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8. Development Constraints

Describe any natural features and/or functions, including hydrogeological on or adjacent to the subject property (i.e. water courses, valleylands, wetlands, woodlands, ANSI, Provincial Parks, Town-owned lands, Dufferin county forests, CA lands).

Source Water Protection

 A. Salt Application & Storage  Yes
 B. Fuel Handling & Storage  Yes
 C. Waste Storage  Yes
 D. Chemical Handling & Storage  Yes
 E. Agricultural Material Application & Storage  Yes
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9. Drawings

Drawings are required for all pre-consultation applications.

The personal information collected on this form is collected under the authority of the Planning Act as amended. The information is used for the purposes of scheduling and preparing a pre-consultation meeting. Questions regarding the collection of this information should be directed to the Towns Records/FOI Coordinator at 519-941-3599, ext. 230

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» Sections 1 to 5

  • Introduction
  • Purpose and Scope
  • Interpretation
  • Basis of Plan
  • General Goals and Policies

» Sections 6 to 10

  • Suburban Areas
  • Hamlet Areas
  • Resort Areas
  • Major Institutional Areas
  • Special Institutional Areas
  • Commercial Areas

» Sections 11 to 15

  • Industrial Areas
  • Extractive Areas
  • Major Open Space Areas
  • Natural Heritage
  • Environmental Hazard
  • Rural Areas

» Sections 16 and 17

  • Niagara Escarpment Policies
  • Niagara Escarpment Development Criteria

» Sections 18 and 19

  • Niagara Escarpment Parks System
  • Escarpment Plan Definitions

» Sections 20 and 21

  • Oak Ridges Moraine
  • Groundwater Resources

» Sections 22 to 25

  • Greenbelt
  • Prime Agricultural Areas
  • General Development Policies
  • Implementation

» Schedules

  • Land-use
  • Specific Policy Areas
  • Secondary Plans
  • Route of the Bruce Trail & Public Lands in the Niagara Escarpment Parks & Open Space System
  • Oak Ridges Moraine Mapping
  • Well Head Protection Areas
  • Greenbelt Area
  • Natural Heritage

» Figures

  • Sand and Gravel Resources
  • Bedrock Resources
  • Agricultural Capability
  • Sourcewater Protection Area and Groundwater Vulnerability

Official Plan Schedule Maps

Front Desk Access

A Town of Mono Natural Heritage binder is located at the Town of Mono Town Hall front desk, containing the draft Natural Heritage Atlas mapping, policies and methods, for review and comment. Additional copies of binder materials may be requested at the front desk.

All comments, additions or deletions would be gratefully appreciated. Please send by email to the Planning Department or leave written materials at the Town of Mono Municipal front desk. Thank you.

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