Parking Ticket Payments

Parking tickets issued in Mono by the OPP / the Town's local bylaw enforcement officer or issued by Ontario Parks at Mono Cliffs Provincial Park or Hockley Valley Nature Reserve can be paid to the Town of Mono as described on this page.

How to Pay Your Parking Ticket


You can use the form on this page to pay for your parking ticket.

Accepted Methods of Online Payment:


You can call 519.941.3599 to pay for your ticket by phone. You will need your ticket and a credit card available when you call.

In-Person at Town Hall

Bring your ticket with you to pay it at Town Hall (347209 Mono Centre Road, Mono, ON L9W 6S3).

Accepted Methods of Payment at Town Hall:


If you choose to pay by mail, your payment must arrive within 15 days of the infraction date. In the envelope, you must include the signed ticket and a cheque. Please address the envelope as follows:

ATTN: Parking Enforcement
Town of Mono
347209 Mono Centre Road
Mono, ON
L9W 6S3


You can contact us with questions about your ticket or payments by phone or email:

Phone: 519.941.3599

Online Parking Ticket Payments

Personal information on this form is collected under the authority of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and will be used for the purposes collecting fees for parking infractions. Questions about this collection should be directed to the Clerk’s Office:, 347209 Mono Centre Road, Mono ON L9W 6S3, 519.941.3599.

Please refer to the diagram to assist with locating the ticket number and ticket date.

Town of Mono Parking Ticket with arrows pointing to the ticket number and ticket date
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