Public Works

The Public Works Department oversees the Cardinal Woods and Island Lake Drinking Water Systems and buildings and all infrastructure associated with the following:

Public Works will also oversee the Wastewater Sewage Plant in Brookfield (Fieldstone subdivision) when this subdivision is assumed by the Town.

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2012-2022 Draft Capital Roads and Bridges Plan

The purpose of the Capital Roads and Bridges Plan is to demonstrate the future Roads and Bridge needs in Mono from 2012-2022. The plan is used as a guideline for future years; unforeseen circumstances & future needs may require that the plan be altered.

You can check current and planned road closures, projects, and constructions in Mono and around Dufferin County through the Municipal 511 map.


Road-Related Emergencies

During office hours (Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) call 519.941.3599, extension 225

In case of after hours road related emergencies, please call 519.939.2480

Please leave a message including time, date and nature of the emergency and an operations employee will contact you.

After Hours Water Emergencies

During after hours water related emergencies, please call the Town of Mono Waterworks Operating Authority emergency number:
Press #3 for Public Works
and then
Press #9 for After Hours

Wastewater Emergencies (Fieldstone Subdivision Only)

Regular Business Hours: Wastewater Department | 519.941.3599 ext. 233

After hours emergency: 519.939.2480

Please leave a message including time, date and nature of the emergency and an operations employee will contact you.

For general inquiries, please email

Road Occupancy & Property Access Permits

Please remember no one is allowed to perform work on a road allowance without proper permits. Please contact the Public Works department if you need to perform work: | 519.941.3599, 225

Type of Permit Fee Form
Road Occupancy (Utility Contractors)
No Fee » Download Form
New driveway/Entrance Permit
Permit: $200
Deposit: $2000
» Download Form
Temporary Road Occupancy - Resident *
Includes pool installation, landscape work & logging
Permit: $200
Deposit: $2000
» Download Form
Road Filming Permit
Contact Public Works  
Oversized/Wide Load Permit
Permit: $200
Deposit: $2000
  1. The permit and deposit fees are required in full at the time of application.
  2. A Certificate of Insurance is required in the amount of Five (5) million dollars naming Town of Mono as additionally insured prior to permit issuance.
  3. The deposit will be refunded once the work has been inspected and accepted by the Town. (See permit for conditions).
  4. Make cheques payable to Town of Mono or by using Debit Card (Interac®) at the Municipal Office.
  5. Completed applications, including payment, may be mailed or hand delivered to the Mono Town Hall.
  6. Remember: all of the permits require Utility Locates to protect your infrastructure.

* All contractors that occupy Town roads are responsible for paying the required deposit and fee. No payment will be accepted by the homeowner. Contractors will be held accountable to rectify any damage that occurs and may be subject to having their deposits retained. Should the cost for correcting the deficiencies be great than the deposit, the invoice will be forwarded to your company for payment.

Prior to issuing any new permits, we are encouraging all Contractors to take pre-construction photos to avoid potential responsibility for damages they did not make. Contractors are not to commence with any work until the Town has completed its pre-construction inspection.

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Safe Winter Driving Techniques and Notices

OGRA has compiled a series of helpful reminders for safe winter driving techniques.

You can access their materials on the OGRA SnowHow Campaign page. They have also prepared a few short winter driving videos. Please remember to drive according to weather and road conditions, which means to slow down and provide more stopping distance than what you normally would for dry roads and weather.

Winter Driving: Simple Steps to Staying Safe from Dufferin County

The Town's Public Works Director supports the creation of this video and highly recommends that all drivers watch this at least once. Drivers are encouraged to review the video annually in preparation for wintery road conditions.

Director of Public Works and Roads Superintendent

Michael Dunmore, CRS 
519.941.3599, 228

Administrative Assistant

Michelle Newson
519.941.3599, 225