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  1. To promote and advise Council on recreational activities and special events supported by Council.
  2. To participate in the organization and implementation of recreational special events under the direction of the Recreation Director.
  3. The committee may be delegated by Council on other matters for consideration and to make recommendations to Council on such matters as requested by Council.


The goals of the Recreation Advisory Committee are:

  • To increase access to recreation events & activities;
  • To encourage Council to design safe cycling and walking routes;
  • To promote opportunities for residents to increase their physical activity;
  • To create and support the making of policy that enables residents to be more active.


The RAC consists of 7 - 9 people appointed by Council from time to time and shall include one member of Council. Appointments shall be reviewed annually at the discretion of Council. Each year the committee will elect a new Chairperson from within its ranks. The Director of Recreation shall participate in committee meetings but does not have voting privileges.


Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month at 5:00 p.m. in the Town Hall Committee Meeting Room.

Meeting dates and location are subject to change. Meetings, including agenda, are published on the Recreation Advisory Committee page.

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You can find various documents pertaining to the RAC including minutes of past meetings online.

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