Each committee of council is listed below with links to further information on their respective members, organization and minutes.

While most committees have regularly scheduled meetings, this is subject to change.

Please be sure to refer to Council and Committee Meetings Calendar for specific dates. Form here you can view all scheduled meetings and, once published, the agenda for that meeting.

Agendas are typically published one week prior to the scheduled meeting.

Citizen Engagement

Citizen Engagement
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On the Council and each committee page you will find a Citizen Engagement icon. Clicking on the Citizen Engagement icon will take you to a page that shows the agenda for all upcoming or recently held Council and Committee Meetings.

Committees of Council

Committee of Adjustment

The Committee of Adjustment is responsible for making decisions on consent applications, minor variance applications, enlargement of existing non-conforming uses, and other technical matters set out by the provisions of the Planning Act.

» Go to the Committee of Adjustment page.

Headwater Streams Committee

The Headwater Streams Committee (HSC) is charged to monitor, protect and rehabilitate lakes & streams in and around Mono.

» Go to the HSC page.

Heritage Committee

The Heritage Committee is charged to review, document, and encourage the preservation of the Town of Mono's cultural and natural heritage.

» Go to the Heritage Committee page.

Mono Research Advisory Committee

The Mono Research Advisory Committee (MRAC) is to conduct research on matters assigned by council or regarding matters identified by the committee and approved by council, related to the environment and economy of Mono.

» Go to the MRAC.

Planning & Environmental Advisory Committee

The Planning & Environmental Advisory Committee (PEAC) advises Council on matters related to planning and other environmental issues.

» Go to the PEAC page.

Recreation Advisory Committee

The Recreation Advisory Committee (RAC) is charged to encourage and promote a physically active, healthy community.

» Go to the RAC page.

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