Heritage Advisory Committee

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To review, document, and encourage the preservation of the Town of Mono's cultural and natural heritage.

Committee Members

  • Liz Bernardi
  • Mary Bray
  • Robin Clayton Secretary
  • Peter Dusek
  • Patti Hossie
  • Sharon Martin Council Rep sharon.martin@townofmono.com
  • Karen Rosenbrock
  • Naman Tahir Chairperson
  • Lesley Wroe


  1. To establish criteria for the evaluation of properties of architectural and/or historical value or interest.
  2. Work with landowners to have heritage properties formally designated by Council.
  3. Prepare and maintain a list of properties and areas worthy of conservation.
  4. Advise council on means of conserving heritage properties and areas.
  5. Review alteration plans/building permits for designated heritage properties.
  6. Implement awareness programs and activities, and attend town planned events to promote heritage and advise residents.


The Heritage Committee is compiling an ongoing inventory of buildings in the Town that may be of historic value. A photographic survey is underway by the Committee members of all barns in the Town. As well, a photo record of all existing bridges has been completed with the assistance of the Town's Public Works Department. The Committee continues to research properties that have been determined to be of historic value.

The Town of Mono Heritage Committee is constantly searching not only for properties suitable for designation, but for documents, local histories, stories, memorabilia, old deeds, photographs, and any other memories and recollections that may fill in the tapestry of local history. Let us hear about the history of buildings you know; share old photographs or clippings so they can be copied.


The Heritage Committee is a group of interested volunteers appointed by the Council to act as the advisory body on matters of architectural and natural heritage within the Town. Members are residents of the Town from many occupations including architects, artists, and local historians who are appointed by Council.

Members are appointed to the Heritage Committee from time to time by Council. There is no upper limit to the number of members that may be on the committee. One Council member also sits on committee.

Heritage Properties

View a map showing the Designated Heritage Properties in Mono including a description of each. Further photographs are available at Peter Dusek Photography.


Meetings are held on the fourth Monday of each month at 7 p.m. in the Municipal Office Committee Meeting Room.

Meeting dates and location are subject to change. Meetings, including agenda, are published on the Council and Committee page.

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You can find various documents pertaining to the Heritage Committee including minutes of past meetings online.

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