Community Safety Task Force

The Community Safety Task Force was established by Council resolution on January 8, 2019. The purpose of the Task Force is to examine the current level of police services in Town and assess whether the current level of police resources is adequate.

Task Force Graphic

The Task Force has approached its fact finding in two ways: 

First, to collect objective data regarding speeding and other traffic infractions as well as information on such things as break and enter occurrences. 

Second, we have designed a questionnaire, the Police Services Survey, that collected information from Mono residents regarding their experiences and impressions of such things as unsafe driving, adequacy of policing and overall community safety.

August 20 Public Meeting

The Community Safety Task Force held a Public Meeting on August 20, 2019 at Town Hall. You can view the presentation materials used below:

  1. Overview, including the agenda of the meeting and some preliminary results from the Police Services Survey
  2. Presentation on Current OPP Policing Contract
  3. Traffic Counts and Speeding Statistics Map & Summary

Ways to Get Involved

Mono Council has approved a motion calling for an increase in speeding fines (see Resolution #12-11-2019), something not done in almost 30 years, as well as for careless driving. Fines are set by the Chief of the Ontario Court of Justice. She has acknowledged this but referred it to the Ontario Government, specifically the Minister of Transportation. 

If you believe, as your Council does, that fines need to be increased to act as a real deterrent to aggressive driving, please write or contact the Minister, her staff and our MPP:

Contact by Email:

Hon. Caroline Mulroney at



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Contact by Mail:

Hon. Caroline Mulroney

Minister of Transportation
5th Floor, 777 Bay St.,
Toronto, ON
M7A 1Z8

c.c. Ms. Christina Salituro, Issues Manager

Minister of Transportation
5th Floor, 777 Bay St.,
Toronto, ON M7A 1Z8

c.c. The Hon. Sylvia Jones

244 Broadway, Orangeville L9W 1K5

Contact on Social Media

Twitter: @ONtransport

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