Dog Licensing

Encouraging Responsible and Humane Care for Our Best Friend

The Town of Mono encourages responsible and humane care for dogs in the Town. We strive to ensure the welfare of dogs and to protect the general public. Thank you for licensing and caring for your dog.

Licences & Tags

If you recently just adopted a new furry best friend or did not get a renewal notice, you will need to buy a new licence. After purchasing a new licence, you will get a dog tag in the mail. If you received a renewal notice in the mail or by email, you can renew your licence.

Dog tags will need to be renewed on or before April 1 annually.

Starting in 2021, the Town of Mono issues dog tags for life. The dog tag you receive this year will not change unless it is damaged or goes missing. The renewal lets us know we still have valid information for you. The fee helps the Town pay for animal-related services from our service provider, including:

Dog Bylaw

You can find and read the entire consolidated Dog Bylaw online:

Dog Bylaw Complaints

All Dog Bylaw complaints, except for accusations of animal cruelty are handled by Agapi K9/Municipal K9 Control.

Agapi K9/Municipal K9 Control
374127 6th Line
Amaranth, ON L9W0M6

Other Animals

Please refer to our Animal Welfare page for more information about wildlife and what to do if you find sick, injured, or orphaned wildlife in Mono.

Municipal Canine Controls of Dufferin County Facebook Page

Municipal K9 Control runs a Facebook page for reporting lost & found dogs and information about dogs that are up for adoption.

Go to Municipal Canine Controls of Dufferin County Facebook Page

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