Proposed Residential Development, Kingfisher Drive

File Number: 
OPA 2022-02, ZBA 2022-02

Related: Pre-Consultation for a Residential Subdivision Development, File Pre-C 04-21

Official Plan Amendment

Present designation: Special Highway Commercial (Section 10(4))

Designation requested: Suburban - Special (Block 2, Block 28), Special Highway Commercial (Part 7 of Lot 5, Concession 2)

Purpose: To facilitate the development of a 220 unit townhouse condominium development and a future commercial development with a communal wastewater facility by re-designating the lands with the special provisions to allow the proposed uses.

Zoning Bylaw Amendment

Present designation: Highway Commercial - 4 (CH-4)

Designation requested: Suburban Residential - Special (Block 2, Block 28)

Purpose: To facilitate the development of 220 three-storey townhouse units

in blocks of 4-6 units, with provisions to allow the associated setbacks, yard dimensions,

lot coverage, and building heights.

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Notice of Appeal

OLT (Ontario Land Tribunal)

Ontario Superior Court of Justice [NEW, added March 19, 2024]

Additional Documentation — Planning Justification Report and Appendices

Archeological, Servicing and Stormwater Management documents

Other Plans, Reports, and Assessments

Agency Comments

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