It's all down hill from here!

Nottawasaga River

Residents of Mono can be excused for using that time worn cliché when describing the importance of Mono for its contribution to the network of streams and rivers of Southern Ontario. The hills, forests and wetlands of Mono comprise the headwaters of four Southern Ontario river systems feeding three great lakes.

The Nottawasaga River has its headwaters streams throughout Mono with its main branch extending through the Hockley Valley to finally find its outlet into Georgian Bay and Lake Huron. The Credit River source is in the region of Mono surrounding Orangeville; while the Humber River begins just a little farther to the east. Both of these historic rivers find their separate way to Lake Ontario. Lake Erie, not wanting to be left out of the headwater hall of fame in Mono, has a small part of its watershed for the Grand River clinging to the west boundary of Mono.

In the early 1990’s Mono raised the profile of this region as a headwaters area of significance to all of southern Ontario, by holding two Headwaters Conferences, entitled “There’s Always Someone Downstream” and “No More Flush and Forget”. Following from these informative events was a greater understanding of how to protect the area as a natural resource. This prominence has served to ensure that the area is respected for its natural heritage in Ontario.

Formed by the great flows and outwash sedimentation from the last ice age, the streams and valleys of Mono serve as an enduring testament to these natural forces of the earth.  Many wells in Mono dip into this aquifer of melt-water and are enjoyed in our kitchens daily.

Town planning documents ensure this unique habitat is protected for future generations.  To promote sustainable practices in the development of Headwaters countryside and urban centres through the knowledge of its stewards, the Town copyrighted the name ‘Headwaters’ and licensed its use out to the tourism organization ‘Headwaters Country’, now ‘The Hills of Headwaters’ and to the local hospital ‘Headwaters Healthcare Centre’.

A thousand shades of green invade the countryside with the coming of each spring renewal, made possible by the abundant waters many of us take for granted.  Next time you enjoy a drive through Mono or a walk along one of its trails, pause to watch the trout runs in the spring or the salmon runs in the fall.  Take a minute in any season to embrace this jewel of pristine environment.  A Chinese saying, ‘one-generation plants the trees, the next enjoys the shade’, can’t be more true anywhere than in Mono.

Play your part and know that future generations will honour your good works.

Keith McNenly

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Dufferin.Biz is a joint project between the County of Dufferin, its member municipalities and local groups designed to market the collective assets of our community. Their goal is to promote to the world the unique strengths of Dufferin County that differentiate it from other regions and that offer the best environment for businesses and families.

Dufferin.Biz is a champion of local business and local ideas that support the growth of existing business community and provide an avenue for investment from outside our community.

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Dufferin Farm Fresh

Linking farmers & producers with consumers & businesses.

Here in Dufferin County we are proud of our agricultural history. We have some of Ontario's best soil, now famous for our potatoes. We are a county of very large farms and very small farms, farmers who have been here for generations, and others who are coming to Dufferin to farm for the first time. Famous for potatoes, we are also large dairy farmers, cattle and calf operators and of course grow hay, corn, soy and many other market vegetables, fruits and plants.

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Headwaters Communities in Action

Building A Better Quality of Life Together

Headwaters Communities in Action (HCIA) is a citizens group that fosters leadership and action in support of a long-term vision of community well-being for the Headwaters Region. They do this by helping to inform and engage citizens about issues affecting the well-being of our community. By hosting community conversations and encouraging people from different sectors and municipalities to work together, they help to coordinate effective responses to shared issues.

Visit HCIA for more information including:

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My Dufferin Service Directory

My Dufferin Service Directory includes organizations offering services to families in Orangeville, Shelburne, Grand Valley and surrounding areas in Dufferin County, with a focus on non-profit, municipal/government and other community services that support the well-being of children and families.

Further details are available on their website.

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Ontario One Call

Safety Starts with You!

Call Before You Dig 24/7 for A FREE Locate 1-800-400-2255

It’s getting pretty crowded underground. There could be gas pipelines, electrical services, telephone and cable TV as well as water and sewer connections. In addition to these types of buried services to your home, there could be distribution networks for utilities that serve your neighborhood and community. In some cases, such as pipelines and fiber optic cables, they may even be part of a national feeder route.

Ontario One Call (ON1Call) was formed in 1996 to establish a call centre that receives excavation locate requests and notifies registered owners of underground facilities within the vicinity of the dig-site of the planned excavation.

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PROBUS Club of Orangeville

PROBUS Club of Orangeville, serving Orangeville and area, is a not-for-profit social club open to retired and semi-retired professionals, business and like-minded people, and their spouses. No fund raising or commitments other than a low annual membership fee.

Meets at 10:00 am on the second Thursday of every month in the Orangeville Agricultural Society Event Centre to socialize, hear about club activities, enjoy refreshments, and listen to an interesting guest speaker. Various interest groups meet throughout the month to take part in activities and share their knowledge. Further details are available on their website.

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Road Watch

Road Watch is a joint police and citizen program that makes it easy to report dangerous and aggressive drivers to the OPP while remaining anonymous. Forms are available at Mono Plaza, the OPP detachment in Primrose and on the Mono Community Policing web site.

Please consider making use of this program as it can, and has, saved lives.

Did you know that you can dial *OPP (*677) on your cell phone to contact the OPP for non-emergency purposes?

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TeleCheck Dufferin/Torchlight

Make Contact. Build Strength

TeleCheck Dufferin is dedicated to:

  • supporting seniors who wish to live independently, longer and safely, in their homes;
  • offering relief to caregivers in their roles with aging loved ones;
  • filling the gaps in service by providing patient and client support to service providers and health care professionals;
  • supporting seniors experiencing memory issues with gentle medication and appointment reminders; and much more!

Their expanded check-in service in Dufferin and Orangeville is now providing coverage in the mornings and afternoon/evenings - 7 days a week - year round - delivered by skilled volunteers who are dedicated to serving seniors and their community.

TeleCheck Dufferin/Torchlight is reaching out to interested people of all ages to train as volunteers. This is a unique opportunity to put your years of wisdom and experience to use and to learn new skills - that are transferrable to school and studies; work; personal life, interpersonal relationships and other volunteer opportunities.

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Volunteer Dufferin

Volunteer Dufferin, a Headwaters Communities in Action (HCIA) project, is a web-based platform that matches volunteers with a broad range of opportunities in Dufferin County.

As one of the pillars and indicators of Community Well-Being, our mission is to strengthen the volunteer base in Dufferin and increase community involvement and connectivity by engaging and mobilizing citizens in volunteering in Dufferin.

Whether you're an organization looking for volunteers or an individual looking to contribute to the community, it is the "go to place" for volunteering in Dufferin.