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Do you own or know someone who owns a business in Mono?

Use or share our business directory to help showcase some of the unique businesses that call Mono home. Add a business.

Any businesses that are not currently listed should not be considered unfavourable evaluation. The business directory is open and accessible to all businesses in Mono. It is a requirement that all businesses agree that it is the responsibility of the individual or the business who is adding the listing to keep it up to date. Businesses will not be checked for accuracy. The information provided in the directory is assumed to be correct by the submitting businesses unless a revision request is submitted.

Business listings in the directory are provided as information becomes available and all attempts to do so in an unbiased manner are taken. As information is only posted as it becomes available, it should not be considered a complete list of businesses in Mono. The Dufferin Board of Trade also provides a list of businesses that may be helpful when looking for a business that is not listed.

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February 14, 2019