Proposed Variance Under Bylaw 2014-31 (Fill Bylaw), Dermott

File Number: 

Owner & Address

Owner: Michael Edward Dermott

Municipal Address: 634447 Hwy 10, Mono

Legal Description: CON 1 W W PT LOT 18 RP 7R1837 PART 1 RP 7R4096 PART 1, Town of Mono, County of Dufferin

Application Summary

The Owners of the above property made application to Town of Mono for a proposed variance (exception) to certain provisions contained in Site Alteration and Fill Bylaw 2014-31 (Fill Bylaw) being a bylaw to regulate site alterations, placement of fill and removal of topsoil within the Town of Mono. The Fill Bylaw is available online.

The Owners of the subject property imported approximately 300 cubic metres (equivalent to about 30 truckloads) of environmentally clean fill to the property in September 2020 for the purpose of building a new driveway. They propose to install approximately 800 cubic metres (80 truckloads) of additional clean fill to complete the driveway. The estimated length of the driveway, when complete, will be approximately 800 feet long.

Planning Environment & Natural Heritage Committee Public Meeting

The Planning Environment & Natural Heritage Committee will be holding a public meeting so that the Committee can consider the application.

The meeting will be held on

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2021 at 1:00 P.M.

A recorded video of the meeting will be available online after the meeting.

Public Meeting

Council considered the application and the information submitted at a virtual public council meeting held on:

Tuesday, February 9th, 2021 at 9:15 A.M.

Council referred an application to import approximately 80 truckloads of fill, to the Planning, Environment and Natural Heritage Committee for review. If approved, the application would see the landowner finish construction of a driveway on his Hwy 10 property. Previously, he shared a driveway with the adjacent lot. The Committee will consider the application in March and make a recommendation to Council whether to deny the application or approve it with conditions.

Any person or agency could have attended this Public Meeting and/or made written or verbal submissions either in support of or in opposition to the proposed Application.  Whenever possible, written comments should be submitted to the Town prior to the Public Meeting and should be mailed to Fred Simpson, Deputy Clerk, at the address set out below or by email to

All information submitted in support of a public meeting or an open house is collected in accordance with the Municipal Act, 2001 (as amended), Section 253(1) and may be used in Council deliberations and may be disclosed in full, including email, names and addresses to persons requesting access to records.  All information submitted to the municipality is subject to the Municipal Freedom of Information Act (MFIPPA). Questions about this notice of collection should be directed to Fred Simpson, Deputy Clerk, 519-941-3599 Ext. 234 or

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