Plan of Condominium, Site Plan Approval, Fill Bylaw Variance

File Number: 
SPA 2021-4, CDP 2021-01

Subject Property: 388326 20 Sideroad

Purpose: This application seeks a variance to the Site Alteration and Fill Bylaw 2014-31, amended by 2020-27 to allow the renovation of an existing golf course. The work covers approximately 5 acres of the 90 acre property and will include grading the site and using fill (topsoil) for the areas to be grassed. A Site Plan Approval application as well as a Plan of Condominium application for the subject property have also been received by the Town.

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Resubmission of Site Plan Approval Application

Documents in this section were added on April 19, 2022.

Planning Reports

Public Meeting

Fill By-law Variance Application

Mono Hills golf Club - Work to Be Completed, Renovation Plan
Map of Potential Haul Route of Fill to 388326 20 Sideroad

Plan of Condominium

Site Plan Control