Rayville Residential Plan of Subdivision

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Resubmission of Application for Draft Plan of Subdivision (DPA 2013-01) and Application to Amend the Zoning By-Law, ZBA 2013-01.

The proposed development is a rural estate residential Draft Plan of Subdivision, consisting of the following features:

  • 33 residential lots, ranging in size from 0.203 ha (0.502 ac) to 0.328 ha (0.811 ac). Each lot will be serviced via private well and septic system.
  • Six Open Space blocks, totalling 14.15 ha (34.97 ac) of land.
  • One Drainage Facility block, abutting the rear yards of Lots 3 through 9, with an area of 0.75 ha (1.85 ac).
  • One storm water management “Dry Pond” block, with an area of 0.72 ha (1.78 ac).
  • One storm water management/Drainage Block, with an area of 0.10 ha (0.25 ac).
  • One Buffer Block, with an area of 0.06ha (0.15ac).
  • One public ROW (Street “A”), a cul-de-sac road that will extend the existing Robinson Road.

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