Fung Loy Kok Institute of Taoism Site Plan Revision

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An application has been made to the Niagara Escarpment Commission to revise the approved site plan for the existing 2.01 hectare cemetery portion of the existing 42.3-hectare property.

The revised proposal includes four 25-year phases of development to be implemented over 100 years as follows:

  • Phase 1: 1,277 columbarium niches and 206 burial plots;
  • Phase 2: 1,165 columbarium niches and 359 burial plots;
  • Phase 3: 1,128 columbarium niches and 288 burial plots;
  • Phase 4: 952 columbarium niches and 359 burial plots.

The proposal also includes construction of a 7.45 metres tall, 8.6 metres wide vehicular entrance archway and tree planting (approximately 248 trees).

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