Lot Severance: Corner of Blind Line and 25 Sideroad

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Subject Property: 426132 25 Sideroad


The owners of the subject property are proposing to sever the lands to create a new lot at the west end of the 25 Sideroad frontage.  The proposed severance will have a lot width of approximately 106.68 metres (350 feet) and a lot depth of approximately 100.58 metres (330 feet). The proposed severed lot has an area of approximately 1.07 hectares (2.64 acres).

The severed lot is intended to be used primarily for residential purposes and developed for a residential detached dwelling with driveway access to 25 Sideroad.

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Agency Comments/Review

All comments in this section were added on October 6, 2022.


Decision: Granted with conditions.