Proposed Severance: Lot 24 & Portion of Lot 23, Concession 7 EHS

File Number: 

This consent application was initially submitted in 2018 and given the file number B09/18. The application was transferred to the new owners, the Campbells, when the property was sold. Jim Dyment, Municipal Planning Consultants contacted the town to re start the application process in 2022.

The proposal is to create one new lot on the subject lands. The new lot will include all of Lot 24 and a portion of Lot 23. The total new parcel size will be 44.4 ha (110 acres) with approximately 115m frontage on the maintained portion of the 7th Line. The portion of Lot 23 is included as it is an ideal location for a dwelling having minimal impact on the surrounding lands and outside the NVCA regulated area. The retained lot would be 36.5 ha (90 acres) with 600m frontage on the 7th Line.

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Notice of Decision

Decision: Deferred. Reasons for decision: the Committee of Adjustment determined that, based on a review and discussion of the application, agency comments and planning report, further discussion is required related to the conditions from the Town and the comments from the NVCA.