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SURVEY: Fireworks in Mono

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Thank you to everyone who responded to the survey. This survey had to be submitted by

AUGUST 8, 2022 BY 4:00 PM

At a Council Meeting on March 22, 2022, Council had its first reading of a draft Fireworks Bylaw. You can read the draft bylaw online at  The intent of this survey is to gather input on some of the considerations in that bylaw.

The draft bylaw distinguishes between two classifications of fireworks: consumer fireworks and display fireworks. Consumer fireworks are low-hazard designed for recreational purposes and include fireworks such as roman candles, sparklers, fountains, volcanoes, mines, and snakes; display fireworks are high-hazard fireworks designed for use by professionals holding a Fireworks Operator Certificate and include fireworks such as aerial shells, cakes, waterfalls, lances and wheels, rockets, serpents, shells, bombshells, tourbillions, maroons, large wheels, bouquets, barrages, bombardos, fountains, batteries illumination, set pieces, pigeons, and firecrackers (a class of firework that explodes when ignited and does not make significant display or visible effect after the explosions).

Online Survey: Closed

Online Survey Is Closed