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Survey Deadline

The Bridge 5 Survey concluded on:

JANUARY 3, 2023 AT 4:00 PM

The survey has closed. You can view the results that went to Council during the January 25, 2023 meeting.


Bridge 5 is nearing the end of its useful life and Town of Mono’s Council needs your help in determining its future*. The single lane bridge is located on a portion of Hurontario Street that is currently for seasonal use only as winter service levels are not viable given the topography of the area and the roadway approaches (see back for a map). Average Daily Traffic (ADT) from Hurontario Street north of the structure is 149 vehicles per day and 105 vehicles per day south of the structure during its open season. The bridge built circa 1920’s and non-structural improvements were carried out in 1999 to enhance roadside safety.

The bridge is currently in fair to poor condition, with severely deteriorated concrete through the barrel and headwalls, several concrete spalls and delamination with exposed reinforcing steel with erosion below the foundations. Considering the above, Council needs to decide what to do with the bridge.

At the Public Works budget presentation held during an open session of Council on November 23, 2021, Council reviewed options for the bridge that included rehabilitating the bridge, replacing it, demolishing it, and leaving it as a pedestrian path until the bridge must be removed. Council decided to receive input from residents regarding the future use of the bridge. You can review the report to Council online by visiting You can also watch the video recording of Council’s discussion at

Map: Location of Bridge 5

Bridge 5 is located on Hurontaio Street, approximately 440 metres north of Hockley Road (Dufferin Road 7).

Find it using What3Words:

The three words: ///scroll.quieter.draped

This what3wordsaddress refers to a 3 metre square location. Go to the link or enter the 3words into the free what3words app to find it.

The survey has closed.

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