Proposed Micro Brewery

File Number: 
ZBA 2020-01

Dated: February 3, 2020

The Town has received a Zoning Bylaw Amendment (ZBA) application with respect to the subject property to facilitate the development of a small-scale micro-brewery, as an on-farm diversified use. The ZBA seeks to rezone a portion of the Subject Property from the Rural (A) Zone to a Special Rural Exception (A-XX) Zone, to permit the micro-brewery and establish a site zone standard to implement the proposed use.

Subject Property

The subject property is located at the northwest corner of Mono Centre Road and 5th Line. It has a lot area of approximately 21.50 hectares (53 acres) and frontage of approximately 360 metres (1,181 feet). The subject property presently includes a residential dwelling and free-standing shed. A large portion of the front yard contains a conifer woodlot that is intersected by the driveway leading to the house. Surrounding land uses include rural residential and farm operations.

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