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Date Posted: February 6, 2020

Anyone travelling on the roadways in the Town of Mono may have had the opportunity to observe, or encounter, the hard work of Provincial Constable (PC) Matkowski of the Dufferin Ontario Provincial Police (OPP). PC Matkowski is part of the enhanced traffic enforcement commitment by the Town of Mono and is dedicated to enforcing the Highway Traffic Act on the town roads.

PC Matkowski's commitment and enforcement has led to such satisfaction of the Mono Police Services Board that they have decided to expand and there will be another part-time member, PC Rick Romaniuk, who will work along-side PC Matkowski starting in February.

PC Matkowski brings with him 40 plus years of policing experience and has been roaming the roads of Mono for the past 7 years. PC Matkowski can be described as devoted with a quick wit, but is a believer that if you chose the action, you chose the consequence.

When asked about some of the most memorable violators he has encountered over his years in the Town of Mono, there are a few that come to his mind. A couple of years ago a married couple travelling in tandem were both stopped for going in excess of 50km/hr over the posted speed limit and therefore had both of their vehicles impounded and licences suspended. Another incident that sticks out was the vehicle travelling at him, without headlights, at 181km/hr (the highest speed to date that PC Matkowski has charged.) The occupant of that vehicle was also impaired and was charged accordingly. And most recently on Airport Road a 17-year-old, G2 driver had his vehicle impounded and licence suspended for going in excess of 50km/hr over the speed limit, all while his father was next to him in the passenger seat.

There is no shortage of stories of those who continue to take risk on the roadways, putting their own lives and the lives of others in danger. And the Town of Mono continues to attempt to curb this behaviour with their enhanced enforcement which has been in place for the better part of 20 years.

As always the OPP are committed to road and public safety throughout Dufferin County. If you encounter unsafe driving or possible impaired driving, contact the OPP 1-888-310-1122.

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Date Posted:
February 6, 2020