Notice of Intention to Pass a Local Improvement Charges By-Law

Town of Mono's

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Concerning a Watermain on Provincial Highway 9, from 1st Line to 2nd Line, in the Town of Mono

The Corporation of the Town of Mono intends to pass a local improvement charges by-law to construct a municipal watermain as a local improvement on lands within the municipality located on the North side of Provincial Highway 9, from 1st Line to 2nd Line, in the Town of Mono. The 10 properties are currently not serviced by the municipal water system. A Key Plan is included on this page.

The by-law will be considered by Town Council on:

Tuesday, March 24, 2020 at 9:15 AM
in the Council Chambers of Town Hall, located at
347209 Mono Centre Road,
Mono, ON

The following information regarding the work is provided in accordance with Municipal Act, 2001, as amended, pursuant to Ontario Regulation 586/06, Local Improvement Charges – Priority Lien Status;

Estimated cost of the work: $1,200,000.00, subject to tender.
Estimated lifetime of the work: 75 years
Estimated special charge per metre frontage of lots to be specially charged: $1,745.00 per metre subject to adjustments to that an estimated maximum charge of $120,000.00 per lot shall be specially charged subject to final costs being determined.
When the special charges shall be paid: Following the completion of the work a special charge plus imputed interest shall be imposed in 10 consecutive years or the annual payments may be commuted to one present value payment at the option of the owner.
Petition to Not undertake Local Improvement: A majority of landowners representing at least one half of the assessed value of the lots affected by the Local Improvement may petition Council not to undertake the work as a local improvement. A petition must be submitted to the Clerk of the Town, on or before March 23rd, 2020, and state the reasons for objection to the local improvement.

For information regarding the local improvement project, please contact Mike Dunmore, Director of Public Works at 519-941-3599, ext. 228. For information about the Council Meeting, please contact Fred Simpson, Deputy Clerk at 519-941-3599, ext. 234

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Date Posted:
February 24, 2020