OPP — Been in a Collision? Know Your Tow

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From the OPP:

  • You have the right to decide who can tow your vehicle and to what location (unless otherwise directed by police).
  • Call your insurance company for direction on tow companies, repairs and car rentals.
  • A "permission to tow" form must be signed before towing starts.
  • The towing company must provide you with an itemized invoice before receiving payment.
  • You are entitled to a receipt for tow services rendered.
  • You have the right to pay by credit card if you choose.
  • Decline offers to store your vehicle in a tow compound unless directed by your insurer.
  • Never sign a blank contract or take referrals from tow companies. Tow companies only tow.
Being involved in a collission is stressful. Your tow experience shouldn't be.

In the Event of a Collision:

Call your insurance company and use this form to record important details you may need for the police or to file an insurance claim.

Call the Police If:

  • Someone is injured.
  • You think any other driver may be guilty of a Criminal Code offence, such as impaired driving.
  • You suspect you're the victim of a staged collision.
  • There is damage over $2000.
  • There is damage to public and private property.
  • The other driver fails to remain at the scene.

If it's safe, move your car to the side of the road. If you can't drive your car, turn on your hazard lights or use cones, warning triangles or flares.

When involved in a collision, determining fault is not your priority — your safety is. Do not sign any documents regarding fault or commit to pay for the damages. Call your insurance representative for more information. Depending on the jurisdiction where your collision occurred, you may have to take your vehicle to a Collision Reporting Centre.

Pamphlet & Collision Note Template

Keep this document in your car — just in case.

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