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Credit Valley Conservation now offers real-time flood alerts via mobile app

Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) has partnered with Alertable, a Canadian public emergency alert app, to offer residents real-time flood alerts right to their mobile devices through push notifications.

Alertable is free for users to download and use via the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and on Governments and other public agencies that offer the service can post emergency alerts of various types for specific geographic areas.

“CVC’s role is to protect people and property from flooding,” said John Sinnige, Director of Watershed Management for Credit Valley Conservation. “One of the ways we do this is by maintaining a flood forecasting and warning system. When flooding is possible, we issue warning messages to municipal emergency management officials, the media and residents.”

CVC issues flood warnings directly to watershed residents though the CVC website, Facebook account, Twitter account, and now through the Alertable app – expanding the reach of CVC’s direct-to-resident flood warnings.

“Every second counts in a flood emergency,” said Sinnige. “Alertable helps residents living in flood-prone areas stay up-to-date on CVC flood warnings without having to actively search for that information.”

CVC began piloting the system in July and as of and as of mid-October, 2,677 residents were subscribed to CVC alerts through the Alertable system.

Alertable also offers Environment Canada weather related alerts based on geographic area. The alerts are audible on multiple types of devices including smart speakers. Instead of more traditional mailing lists, users can receive alerts without having to provide any personal contact information to CVC, enhancing privacy protection.

To learn more and download the app, visit the CVC's Flood Warning & Forecasting page.

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