Committee of Adjustment Online / Virtual Public Meetings for Minor Variance Applications

Town of Mono's

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Starting at 2:00 pm on Thursday, October 29, 2020, the Committee of Adjustment will be holding three Online Virtual Public Meetings to allow the committee to consider three Minor Variance Applications:

  • A01/20, 8 French Drive
    To reduce required minimum rear yard setback of 7.63 metres (25.03 feet) to 4.75 metres (15.58 feet) at the north east corner of the proposed addition to the existing building, in order to permit construction of the addition with gross floor area = 9037 m2 (10,085.80 ft2) per Zoning Bylaw 78-1.
  • A02/20, Lot 31, Concession 5, 5th Line EHS
    To seek relief from Section 5(1)(c) to allow proposed accessory building to be erected and used before a permitted residential building has been erected.
  • A03/20, Part of West Half of Lot 19 Concession 2, 594527 Blind Line WHS
    To seek relief from Section 20(2)(e)(ii) to allow legalization of the existing sunroom addition and the existing deck, which were built without Municipal Approval and Ontario Building Code permits.

You may request to join the virtual public meeting or you can watch the video recording of the meeting online. The recording will be made available once the meeting is over and the video has been processed and uploaded to the Mono's YouTube Channel.

View the list of the Town's active planning applications online.

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Date Posted:
October 23, 2020