Town of Mono Pursues Charges Against Fill Violaters

Town of Mono's

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MONO, ON (December 17, 2020) – The Town of Mono has filed charges against the owners of 4 properties that violated the Town's Site Alteration and Importation of Fill Bylaw (Bylaw 2014-31).  The Town's bylaw places strict limits on how much fill can be imported to a site without first obtaining a permit. Unless an exemption is given all fill, regardless of amount, must be sourced from within Dufferin County.

Mayor Ryan stated: "Unregulated fill activities pose a serious risk to the environment and the Town will forcefully pursue violations."
Deputy-Mayor Creelman added: “Town of Mono Council has zero tolerance for residents pursuing fill projects in contravention of our bylaws”.

In addition to the landowners, the Town laid charges against a contractor who imported fill to multiple properties in Mono. A total of 16 charges were laid against five people and two corporations. The charges, laid under Part III of the Provincial Offences Act, will be heard by Orangeville court in February. In each instance, stop work orders were issued by the Town's Bylaw Enforcement Officer.

In a separate matter, the Town ordered a landowner to remove 50 loads of fill that was imported contrary to the bylaw and to test the native soil to ensure there was no contamination. CAO Mark Early confirmed that the order was complied with in November.

Anyone considering bringing in fill is advised to contact the Town first to review with staff the bylaw regarding Site Alteration and Importation of Fill. Any amount of fill is subject to these regulations.

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Date Posted:
December 17, 2020