Blind Line Road Closure for Culvert Replacement

Town of Mono's

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Construction Commencing on Blind Line

The Town has been advised that there will be construction commencing on Blind Line and the contractor will be closing the road on Thursday, September 17, 2020. It's expected that the culvert closest to the north (location 2 on the map) will be the first to be replaced with the ones to the south to follow. Only one culvert replacement is permitted at any given time.

Specifics on Access/Restrictions:

Blind Line Culvert Replacement, Approximately 130 metres south of 15 Sideroad (Blind Line — Location No. 2)

North side of culvert
  • Physical road closure barrier on Blind Line of 15 Sideroad; and
  • No residences or entrances are located, between 15 Sideroad an the culvert replacement.
South side of culvert
  • Road closure, local traffic only, on Blind Line, just north of Dufferin Rd. 10;
  • Physical road closure barrier on Blind Line, approximately 20 metres south of culvert replacement; and
  • Access will be maintained to the last property entrance (594282 Blind Line), south of culvert replacement.
Map of Blind Line and 15 Sideroad Road crossing Culvert Work
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Date Posted:
September 17, 2020