Applications Open: Community Safety Task Force

Town of Mono's

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The Town of Mono has established a task force on community safety. The task force will address such issues as traffic enforcement and property security. It expects to meet once in late February and convene a meeting in March to seek public opinion. A further meeting will probably be required to finalize a report.


We are seeking applications from Mono residents to serve on the task force along with two members of Council and our Police Services Board. Please provide a resume and indicate whether your focus is likely to be on road safety or property and personal security.

Apply to the Community Safety Task Force

The above link will open in a new tab. Click "APPLY FOR VACANT POSITION" and fill out the information that pops up.

Uniform Sizing Chart - Please Measure for Proper Fit
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Registration is open - registration closes April 30, 2019

Registration will be available online on February 15, 2019. Registration closes on April 30, 2019. Spots are limited and teams may fill up and close before April 30.

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