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Town of Mono's

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Credit Valley Conservation is advising that Environment Canada is forecasting a system producing thunderstorms and wind gusts coming in from the west, will enter the watershed in the early hours of Wednesday morning, June 3rd, 2020. This system could have some impact on flows the southern portion of the watershed which received intense precipitation from an earlier thunderstorm event this evening.  

While flooding of the Credit River and its major tributaries is not expected, intense rainfall associated with thunderstorms may result in flooding of small headwater and urban areas.  Some sub-watersheds may respond with higher flows and water levels.  As a result, local streams and rivers could become dangerous, especially in the vicinity of culverts, bridges and dams. Some ponding may occur in low laying areas. Children should be warned of the dangers, and pets kept away from all watercourses.  

CVC will continue to closely monitor weather and water levels in the watershed. This Watershed Conditions Statement for Water Safety will be in effect through to Thursday June 4th 2020, or until further notice.

To view current watershed conditions, visit the CVC's real-time monitoring website.  

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Date Posted:
June 3, 2020