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Accepting Applications
Accepting Applications
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Accepting Applications
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We are hiring a Planning & Administrative Assistant to join our team. The incumbent will be responsible for administrative functions and duties associated with the Planning Department.

Planning Technician & Administrative Assistant

  1. Transcribe dictation of all correspondence, memos, planning documents, staff reports as required by Director of Planning (Director).
  2. Prepare bylaws, notices, and other documents as required by Director.
  3. Prepare Notices and circulate same and website posts with regard to Ontario Provincial legislation (Acts & Ontario Regulations, including Ontario Planning Act) Official Plan and Zoning Bylaw Amendments.
  4. Prepare, organize& file all documents, including:  Planning Department Files & Roll Files.
  5. Receive requests & application submissions for: zoning and Official Plan compliance letters, check property to determine zoning and Official Plan designation, have Director confirm findings, prepare letter to be sent.
  6. Receive calls & emails and counter enquiries at municipal office, including Planning Act related matters, such as: re-zoning / Official Plan & Amendment enquiries / Committee of Adjustment related enquiries / Roll File enquiries / lawyer compliance letters / realtor enquiries / resident enquiries / agency enquiries & technical comments submissions.

Secretary-Treasurer to the Committee of Adjustment

  1. Fulfills role of Secretary / Treasurer to Committee of Adjustment
  2. Receive & process all Consent and Minor Variance Applications
  3. Commission / notarize all pertinent signatures / declarations as required
  4. Intake all requite fees, deposits, retainers & securities.
  5. Open files & assign application file number and prepare actual file folder documentation
  6. Ensure all applications are sufficiently complete to accept for processing as complete application
  7. Ensure posting of application to Town website c/w file specific webpage per Town policy
  8. Prepare / coordinate all related Notices (e.g. Planning Act) for Consent & Minor Variance
  9. Identify all property owners & contact and mailing information & agencies for notification circulation of all Consent & Minor Variance files
  10. Mail / email Director approved Notice(s) to all identified persons & agencies & authorities
  11. Prepare Director approved newspaper advertisement Notice (if needed) and
  12. Prepare draft & final agenda for Committee of Adjustment meetings - mail / email agenda
  13. Make copies of all correspondence received on all Consent and Minor Variance Applications for scheduling and review per agenda package to Committee of Adjustment
  14. Prepare recommendations & decisions and resolutions - Consent & Minor Variance files
  15. Dictate / take & prepare all Committee of Adjustment meeting minutes
  16. Distribute Committee approved Minutes & Notice of Decision to all required staff / persons / agencies
  17. Diarize all files for final appeal date and advise all required staff / persons / agencies
  18. Notify Applicant & Owner if Decision is appealed or not.  If no appeal, advise Consent Applicant of conditions that must be met and final date to meet same, and advise Minor Variance Applicant of any conditions that must be met prior to minor variance being approved
  19. Diarize consent files for final completion date
  20. Send reminders if conditions of a consent application are not met within two months of final completion date
  21. Once conditions are met, if there is a road widening, prepare Bylaw to be passed by Council
  22. Once Bylaw passed, send to town solicitor for registration along with road widening deeds
  23. Once deeds and bylaw registered, pay Applicant Town’s share of survey costs, if required
  24. If Decision is appealed, prepare all documents required by the Tribunal
  25. Make certified copies of all required documentation, and forward Notice to all required parties
  26. Prepare remuneration for Committee of Adjustment members every three months

Assistant to Secretary of Planning / Environmental & Natural Heritage Committee

  1. Prepare meeting agendas & draft / final resolution sheets
  2. Make copies of required documentation and mail to Committee members with agenda
  3. Attend all committee meetings to prepare draft minutes and transcribe final approved minutes
  4. Circulate minutes to all required persons / staff / committee members

Assistant to Deputy-Clerk and Bylaw Enforcement Liaison

Transcribing of correspondence and other duties as required as secretary to Deputy-Clerk and Bylaw Enforcement Liaison

Municipal Bylaw Enforcement

  1. Provide intake for all bylaw related complaints & enquiries
  2. Advise Director of Planning & MLEO for investigation response
  3. Update Citywide file status & Roll File status
  4. Assist with coordination of any follow up matters as required by Director / MLEO or Town Solicitor, as required


Undertake any / all matters as required by the Director when requested

Minimum Education Requirements

Community College Diploma (2-year or 3-year program) related to:

Municipal administration and / or Planning Technician

Minimum Experience

  1. Five (5) years of planning and administrative experience in a municipal planning department role or private planning practice.
  2. Provincial land use planning legislation and policies, municipal planning documents, such as Official Plan and Zoning Bylaws and Committee of Adjustment, would be an asset.

Salary Range

$54,492 to $64,157

Application Process

To apply, please submit your covering letter and detailed resume to by 4:15 pm on Thursday, April 9, 2020.

Due to the current Coronavirus situation, interviews may be conducted by telephone or electronic options.

Town of Mono is an equal opportunity employer. We thank all applications; however, only those to be interviewed will be contacted.

Closing Date: 

April 9, 2020
4:15 pm
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