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Howling Coyote

Howling Coyote

The Race

 The Howling Coyote is a new race/ride through the rolling gravel of Mono Ontario. Just outside of Toronto you will see nearly empty gravel roads, beautiful views, spectacular fall colours and a few hills.

This is an 80k, 40k or 20k bicycle race/ride. That is it. It isn’t a road race or a mountain bike race or a fondo, or even a fondue. It is just a bike race/ride. With a lot of gravel (and a little forestry track for fun).


How Many Laps?

One. Yup, just one big loop to glory! Each distance will be one lap so PAY ATTENTION to the signs or you will go way too long, or way too short.

Course Cut-off Time: We are not having a ‘finish in the dark’ option. So the course will close 20 minutes before sunset.  We will post the cut-off times for the aid stations in advance but we want you to finish and don’t really want to be driving you back in!

The course is designed around a typical gravel/cross bike. You can ride a mountain bike, some will ride a Fat Bike, and if you really want you can try a road bike. ( Still trying to find someone who will loan me a Synapse to test the course!)

Course Map

Course Map














The start/finish is at Mono Community Centre. There will be a short delay at the 2nd Line and Mono Centre Rd as the races start and pass through this intersection. 
Please be courteous and remember to share the road. When passing a cyclist, drivers of motor vehicles are required to maintain a minimum distance of one metre, where practical between your vehicle and the cyclist. 


  • 10:00am | 80km race start
  • 11:00am | 20/40km race starts

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Sunday, October 21, 2018 - 9:00am
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