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Town of Mono Pollinator Preserve

Since 2006, significant declines in pollinator populations have been noted around the world. These beneficial animals are under pressure from loss of habitat (where they nest), loss of food sources (plants that provide pollen and nectar), pests and disease, chemicals (herbicides, fungicides, pesticides » especially neonicotinoids) and climate change. As pollinator populations are threatened, so too are the foods and plant products we enjoy as well as the ecosystems that depend on these pollinators.

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Town of Mono Pollinator Preserve

Location of Pollinator Preserve (click to enlarge)

The Town of Mono has created a Pollinator Preserve know as the Mono Pollinator Garden. This preserve is located on Town of Mono land on Hockley Road, just west of Hurontario St. beside the Headwaters Tourism and Dufferin Board of Trade offices.

The design, construction and maintenance of this project is being done by volunteers with some financial support from the Town of Mono. Initially, the development is for ½ ac of Mono land. Designed to attract all types of pollinators such as bees, moths and butterflies the preserve will incorporate pathways, seating and educational material in the form of signage and parking. The plantings of flowers, bushes and trees will incorporate pollinator friendly plants that bloom throughout the growing season.

A major incentive for this project is to encourage and educate residents to understand the value of pollinators and how they can best support these important insects.

Volunteers are required for two phases of the project:

  1. » Mostly 2016 and 2017, this phase will involves physical work – some of it moderately heavy. The Town is interested in volunteers to help with plantings etc. but would also like to hear from interested parties with equipment for creating trails, berms and placing rocks; and from businesses that may want to donate seeds, plants, benches or interpretive signage.
  2. » This will involve the ongoing gardening care – weeding, culling and introducing new plantings & etc.

Gardening expertise is not necessary for either phases - but is an asset.

Wild bees and other insects are as crucial to maintaining our flowers, vegetables, and other plants as honey bees. Planting appropriate pollinator and insect-friendly vegetation has many benefits to our local ecology.



If you are interested in volunteering for any of these activities please sign up online or, alternatively, contact the Town of Mono at 519.941.3599 and ask for the Public Works Department.

Further Reading

Pollinators need flowers that are rich in nectar and pollen, and that are easily accessible. There are many different pollinator species, so it is more beneficial to provide a wide range of flowers, instead of potentially limiting the number of possible pollinators by the choices of plants.

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