Mono Research Advisory Committee

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Committee Members

  • Del Bernardi
  • Elaine Capes
  • Sharon Edmonds
  • Jason Kipps
  • Ed Kroeker
  • Andrew Mahadana
  • Ralph Manktelow Council Rep [email protected]
  • Don Sinclair
  • Cynthia Unwin


MRAC's mandate is to advise Council on sustainability matters related to the environment and economy of Mono, to build partnerships and enhance networking between appropriate stakeholders and to identify, research, and prioritize environmental and economic issues in Mono. The committee is tasked to establish benchmarks and targets for achievement of potential initiatives and to recommend policies that support the implementation of Committee initiatives . When required, MRAC will find ways to help develop resources to support those initiatives.


Members of the Committee are committed to the following values:

  • to work for the betterment of conditions for Mono Residents
  • encourage open communications between Committees, Council, Administration, and Mono Residents.
    • Economy … local businesses should be acknowledged, appreciated and encouraged, consistent with the environment and rural landscape of Mono.
    • Environment … share, with all sectors of society, in the responsibility for promoting, maintaining and protecting the environment and rural landscape of Mono.


Committee members are appointed by Council at the beginning of each new administration and as Council deems appropriate during the 4 year term of that Council. At the beginning of the term, the committee elects a Chairperson for a one year period. This process is repeated annually throughout the four year term.


Meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month, excepting July and August, at 7 p.m. in the Municipal Office Committee Meeting Room.

Meeting dates and location are subject to change. Meetings, including agenda, are published on the Council and Committee Meetings Calendar page.

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Below are various documents pertaining to the MRAC including minutes of past meetings.

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