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Get your fire permit before you burn

There are no fire bans in effect.

A Fire Permit must be obtained if you plan to burn on your property, including campfires and chimmineas, except for fires lit for cooking purposes on a barbeque or grill.

If you wish to apply for a fire permit please read the bylaw, a link to which is available at right under the Documents heading, and then complete the Fire Permit Application Form

By completing the Fire Permit Application Form you attest and  agree to the following:

Whereas I have applied to the Town of Mono for a fire permit under Bylaw No. 2004-69, I hereby state that:

  • I have read Bylaw No. 2004-69 and I understand the meaning of that bylaw;
  • I will abide by all the terms and conditions of the bylaw as stated therein;
  • I confirm that my street and or emergency number is posted and fully visible from the street/road;
  • I am the property owner or the authorized agent of the property owner, and I accept full responsibility for all the results of my actions in lighting a fire and agree that the requesting and obtaining of a permit does not absolve me of the responsibility for the results of my actions. 
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