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Watson & Associates Economists Ltd. and RJ Burnside and Associates Limited were retained by the Town to prepare an asset management plan. This plan is intended to be a tool for the Town to use during various decision making processes, including the annual budgeting process and the capital grant application process. This plan will serve as a road map for sustainable infrastructure planning going forward.

Assets in this asset management plan include the following:

  • Roads related (surfaces, bases, bridges, barriers, culverts, sidewalk, streetlights and signs);
  • Storm related (catch basins, discharge points, gravity mains, manholes);
  • Water related (mains, wells, hydrants, facilities, other);
  • Facilities;
  • Land improvements (trails, fences, sports fields); and
  • Furnishings, equipment, information technology related & vehicles.

The Town’s goals and objectives with respect to its capital assets relate to the level of service being provided to Town residents. Services should be provided at expected levels, as defined within this asset management plan. Town infrastructure and other capital assets should be maintained at a condition that provides a safe and functional environment for residents. The asset management plan and its implementation will be evaluated based on the Town’s ability to meet these goals and objectives.

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